Our Company Philosophies


Vu Phat International Co.,LTD is a leading Vietnam and Cambodia rice exporter. We operate exporters in 2012 , we are dedicated to bringing you the agricultural products you need through a long term partnership that you can rely on.


We sleep, eat, walk and run with our company’s philosophy. We believe this gives us a unique advantage in the challenging marketplace. Being unwaveringly “Honest and Trustworthy” has gained us the recognition and respect of our business partners and customers. We play safe and protect the interest of all stakeholders to ensure that everyone receives fair treatmeant and benefits fully from their transactions with us.



We are a young dynamic enterprise which is rapidly expanding in a challenging business environment. We achieve our goals through “Confidence and Commitment.” Our management and staffs are confidently proud to be part of Vu Phat International Co.,LTD, and highly committed to maximizing the benefits of each aspect of our business operations. Our commitment comes from our hearts and souls, and our confidence allows us to fulfill the needs of our business partners no matter what challenges the marketplace presents.


Having the right products, right team, and right experience allows us to develop the right “Attitude.” This is based on our strong roots in family and local culture. Our team spirit is the driving force that establishes our credibility with our stakeholders and friends.

We stakeholders understand that “Honest and Trustworthy” is not a slogan. It is a principal we live by and it shows in all of our transactions

Networking with friends and families provides many opportunities for long-term business growth and development, and we are optimistic that this will allow us to continue to fulfill our vision and mission. These factors inspire us with the confidence to invite new investors to partner with us for even bigger and more exciting ventures in the future.






We thank the company has partnered with units in our cooperation for the last time, thank you for working together and building strong business platforms and grow together